The Vanishing Island : Ghoramara

Ghoramara island is known as the "sinking island" Located one 5050 km south of Kolkata in Bay of Bengal's son Sunderban delta the island, one spanning more than 20 sq km, has been redused to an area of merely 5 . Global warming has cost to river to grow. Flying down from the mighty Himalayas... Continue Reading →


Cream Stone is Way Ahead!!

Cream Stone has been now know as the the BIG Giant in The World Of Ice cream.Before there was Baskin Robbins but now Cream Stone is Proving in many occasions specially in India that it is the BEST.Cream Stone using its Ice cream Concepts has been continuously Dominating the Ice Cream world. Even now concerning... Continue Reading →

The Beauty of Birla Mandir!!

Birla Mandir is a very famous temple where Lord Shree Venteshwara Swami's Holy Adobe is at. Birla Mandir is a Hindu Temple,built on 280feet high hillock on a 13 acres plot.The construction took ten years!!Opened in 1976 by Swami Ranganathananda of Ramakrishna Mission. It is present in the Heart of the city and is visible,because... Continue Reading →

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