Google I/O key note 

  • Google lens :

Google lens is a set of vision based computing capabilities that can understand what you’re looking at and help you take action based on that information so for example if you run into something and you want to know what it is says flower you can invoke google lens from your assistant point your phone at it and we can tell you what flower it is, or if you’ve ever been at a friend’s place and you’ve crawled under a desk just to get the username and password from a wifi router you can point your phone at there so google been working hard. 

  • TPU cloud 

Google is really excited to announce our next generation of TP use cloud TPUs which are optimized for both training and inference, each board is capable of 180 trallion floating point operations per second and google designed it for their data centre so you can easily stack them you can put 64 of these into on big supercomputer they call these TPU parts and each part us capable of 11.5 peda flops so cloud TPUs are coming to google compute engine as of today. Google is excited about designing better machine learning models but today it is really time consuming we want to to be possible for hundreds of thousands of developers to use machine learning so what better way to do this than getting neural nets to design better neural nets. Google calls this approach Auto mo – it’s learning to learn. The most important product that is been using this is for Google search in Google assistant. 

So Google assistant is having the ability to get a typed search result on the phone soon with the smart of google lens G assistant will be able to have a conversation about what you see. Like for an example translating what you see with the help of google lens   

  • Google assistant on iPhone

The assistant is becoming more connected experience and Google assistant is now available on the iPhone too ! 

  • New languages 

New Google assistant SDK allows any device manufacturer can easily  build the Google assistant into whatever they’re building. Google assistant rolling out in French German, Brazilian, Portuguese, and Japanese on both Android and iPhones. By the end of the year G assistant will also support Italian, Spanish, and Korean

  • Actions on Google

Google will be supporting transactions, it’s a complete end to end solution for developers including payments, identity, notifications, receipts, even account creation. The platform handles all the complexity. 

  • Proactive Assistant to Google Home

What is this proactive assistant ?

For example, let’s see you’re relaxing and paying game with the kids well you can ask anything to Google home, well it always gives you an answer on spot. Like traffic details, weather, game details, hands free calling etc. Google home can now call any landline or mobile number in the US or Canada completely free. Support for Bluetooth , with the help of this you can connect any audio on Google Home. Support for visual responses with Google Home. 

  • Three New Features-

Suggested sharing:

With the help of machine learning , in google photos will not only remind you so you don’t forget to share will even suggest the photos and people you should share with. 

Shared Libraries:

Google is bringing googles lens right into google photos. It can save the locations of the places where did you go with the help of googles lens and google photos will assist you to share those pics to those you spend time with in those photos. 

Photo Books :

Photo books are available today in the US on Photo books ( click to go the link ) and they’ll be rolling out in Android and iOS next week. 

  • Picture in picture:

A new feature which help you to multitask like search for something while you are watching a video ! It make searching and watching simple and easier to make things done. 

  • Notification Dots:

It’s a new way for app developers in indicate that there’s activity in their app. You’ll notice that the instagram app icon has a dot in it and this is indicating there’s a notification associated with the app. ( Like a batch symbol on an iOS device ).

And a long press on the app icon brings you a 3D Touch view of the notifications particular to that app. 

  • Auto fill :

Autofill is an option that suggest you to fill up the data required at a particular blocks like filling up you details in twitter while crwtn g a new account etc. 

  • Android O : 

A next android OS makes your phone secure and in ahealthy state to maximise powe and performance. 

Key points in O :

  1. Security Enhancements 
  2. OS Optimizayions
  3. Developer Tools 

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